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* Estimating Projects
* Estimating Projects
* Project Charters and those discussions you should have at the start
* Project Charters and those discussions you should have at the start
* [[CIRCA: Starting Stories | Stories about starting projects]]
== Running Projects ==
== Running Projects ==

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Rockwell's Guide to Project Management in the Humanities

Note: this guide is in the early stages. Much of what is here is in outline form or missing. I am writing it as I prepare to teach Project Management.

About the author, Geoffrey Rockwell and other contributors.

Introduction to Project Management in the Digital Humanities

Starting Projects

Running Projects

Wrapping Projects Up

  • Celebrating projects
  • Reporting and publishing projects after they are done
  • Burying projects so they don't haunt you
  • Depositing your data and texts
  • Giving credit

Common Methods and Practices

Project Management Tools

Managing Yourself and Others

Information for starting a business in Canada

Ten steps for starting a business by Michael Burden

Management Styles and Philosophies

What can go wrong (and how to learn from mistakes)

Examples of Projects and their Management

Useful Lists

As described in the The philosophy of this guide, much of the content is structured as lists you can dip into.

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