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There are two types of roles we have to pay attention. There are the proper roles that one is assigned in a project, but this list overlaps with roles we play in organizations. For example you could be a programmer in an organization or a programmer in a particular project. Or you could be a graduate research assistant who is taking on the project role of Interface Designer.

Project Roles

A list of roles within a project:

  • Project Manager
  • Programmer
  • Content Specialist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Interface Designer
  • Data Inputer
  • Stakeholder
  • User
  • Participant

Digital Humanities Roles

Here are institutional roles that overlap with project roles.

  • Professor
  • Instructor
  • Graduate Student
  • Research Assistant
  • Undergraduate Student
  • Project Manager
  • Programmer
  • Librarian
  • Expert
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