CIRCA:Viral Analytics Meeting Notes, Mar. 4th, 2011


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  • Look at Stanford for literature (tool experiments)
  • link Zotero group in wiki
  • write up the results
  • explain stuff that is on the wiki
  • send as word file and add quotes
  • Subheading of tool with how many people like the tool
  • explain hard to understand ideas.
  • keep the top items and remove the one person items.

  • build a page of features eVoyeur should have
  • tweek Corey to make reveal button show up
  • work with Corey on eVoyeur bugs
  • send pdf to Corey and Stephan

  • find general articles on plugins
  • good surveys of plugins
  • put in environmental scan in Zotero
  • find articles on text analysis tools
  • TAToo, Wordle, Alchemy API
  • keep on testing eVoyeur
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