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This area is for the Social Network of the Novel project. This project is an experiment in citizen science. The idea is to create an application that allows participants to read a passage and tag the characters, settings, and interactions taking place. These would then update a social network graph dynamically.



  • Andrew Piper
  • Geoffrey Rockwell
  • Aiden In
  • Todd Suomela
  • Jérémie Pelletier-Gagnon



Design Examples for Crowdsourcing in the Humanities

Most of the projects in the humanities are focused on transcription.

Annotation Based Examples

Here are some examples of projects that are using annotation based mechanics.

Crowdsourcing Software Projects

The Prism project is particularly interesting because it focuses on tagging using a highlighter affordance, instead of transcription which is the most common use case for most of these tools.

Project Name Link Purpose Language License Dependencies
Bossa General PHP
PyBossa General Python GPL
Scripto Transcription Omeka,Wordpress,Drupal
FromThePage Transcription Ruby
Transcribable Transcription MIT DocumentCloud
Prism Tagging-Classification Ruby Apache 2.0
Crowd-Ed Editing Omeka


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