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Workshop Questionnaire:

For January workshop, our questions for the volunteers

1. Did you encounter any problems when using the website?

2. What features did you like? Were there any that you found unnecessary?

3. Do you want recognition for you work? For example, would you like you name to accompany any work you have submitted. Is it important for you to have you name on the audio clip page?

4. What sort of additional resources would be helpful? For instance if we included a Ukrainian – English dictionary.

5. Why did you volunteer for this project?

Interview Questionnaire

1. What was your experience translating and/or transcribing Ukrainian audio clips?

2. Did you have any problems using the website? Why or Why not?

3. Do you have any suggestions that would improve this project? (i.e. adding more pictures to the website.)

4. What did you enjoy about participating in this project?

5. What motivated you to volunteer and participate in the Ukrainian Folklore Audio Project?

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