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1. I will contact the list of editors from the journals chosen beforehand by email.
2. In the email I will introduce myself and the viral analytics project.
* In this introduction, I will include both the voyeur tools website and the tapor website.
* The introduction will include a summary of our project and what we are planning to do with this initial interview.
3. We will state that the interview will take around 30 minutes and I will be taking notes.
4. At the end of the email I will ask the editors if they would be able to take part in the interview to help us determine what journals would like to see in an embedded tool.
5. Once I get the interview date and time from the editors I will skype them on the date indicated.
6. At the beginning of the interview I will give them a short summary of our research and inform them that I will be taking notes during the interview.
7. I will then ask if they had time to look at the Voyeur or TaPor tools.
8. If not then I will give them a brief walk through of TaPor pointing out the tools currently included and what they do.
10. Once the editor is familiar with the tools I will continue on with the interview using the questions in the questionnaire.

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