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Dear Colleague,

We are writing to you on behalf of the History and Archives group at the University of Alberta to request your participation in an oral history project. Our research group is dedicated to the collection and preservation of documents related to the history of Humanities Computing and the early role of computers in academic life in Canada.

We would like to interview you for this history. If you feel that you do not have anything to contribute please do not feel any pressure to do so. We thank you for considering our project in any case.

If you agree we would conduct two, one-hour interviews via Skype. Following the first interview the interviewer will compile a set of field notes within 24 hours of the interview which they will share with other members of the research team to identify any areas of interest to focus on during the second interview. Following the second interview we will send you a copy of the audio recordings of both interviews for you to review and to have as a keepsake. The interviews and field notes will ultimately be added to our archive collection in ERA, the University of Alberta Library╩╝s Education and Research Archive. Our intention is to make these interviews available openly to the public.

Attached is a consent form allowing us to record the interviews and later deposit them into ERA. We will ask you if you consent to be interviewed at the outset of the interview process. At this time you can freely and without prejudice withdraw your consent. At any point up until archiving you will have the opportunity to withdraw your consent. In addition we have attached some sample interview questions so you have the opportunity to review some of the questions we will be asking.

In addition to your participation in the oral history portion of our project we would at this time like to request any documents you have in your possession that you believe would aid our group in our research. Our current collection includes: conference proceedings, meeting minutes, personal correspondence, newsletters, and research proposals. Please let us know if you have materials you think would be helpful to us and that you would be willing to share with us, or make reference to during the interview.
If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


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