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Oral History Consent Form

Consent to Participate in Histories of Humanities Computing: Oral Histories and Administrative Documents.

This is to state that I agree to participate in a program of research being conducted by collaborating researchers led by Geoffrey Rockwell, Professor of Humanities Computing based in the Department of Philosophy (email:

"To acquire, preserve, and make accessible materials in all formats documenting the history of Humanities Computing in Canada. The Group seeks to develop an archive of materials and oral histories related to the emergence of humanities computing in Canada for the benefit of the academic community and the general public."

PURPOSE: I have been informed that the purpose of the project is to collect and preserve the oral histories and administrative documents of individuals who participated in the origins and/or development of the discipline of Humanities Computing in Canada. Organisers of the project hope to provide researchers and the public with access to these histories and documents.

PROCEDURES: Interviews will take place online using Skype and will be captured via an audio recording device or software program such as Call Recorder for Skype or IMCapture for Skype. Interviewees will be asked to participate in two 1-hour interview sessions. Following the first interview the interviewer will compile a set of field notes within 24 hours of the interview which they will share with other members of the research team to identify any areas of interest to focus on during the second interview. Additionally the interviewee will be asked to bring any interesting documents or pictures with them to the second interview. A second set of field notes will be written after the second session. Upon completion of both interviews the research team will send the interviewee audio recordings of their interviews. At any time up until publication or the depositing of the records into the archive the interviewee will be allowed to withdraw from the study. Should they withdraw we will destroy the audio and not archive it. The researchers will use the field notes to also populate a database that summarizes the types of answers to common questions.

RISKS AND BENEFITS: Minimal risk to participants is anticipated though you are free to withdraw your participation in the research without penalty at any time up until we archive the audio and/or field notes. This study will directly benefit digital humanities scholars by way of recording, documenting and archiving the community’s history.

Documentation of oral consent for: ______________________________________________(name of participant)

CONDITIONS OF PARTICIPATION: Please review the following conditions. Feel free to ask questions to the interviewer if they appear unclear.
___I understand that I am free to withdraw my consent and discontinue from that point forward (although prior access cannot be changed).

In terms of identification, I agree to:
___Open public access – My identity may be revealed in any publications or presentations that may result from this interview.

In terms of reproduction of my interview, I agree to:
___I agree to the reproduction of sound and images from this interview by any method and in any media by participants of this research project. I consent that my interview, or portions of it, be made available on the internet through web pages and/or on-line databases.


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