CIRCA:Meeting Notes, Jan. 28th, 2011


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  • Ethics - give them exactly what they want, under direct headings.
    • Change crowdsourcing to one word
  • Help for the website
  • Flow chart what will happen
  • emails - Karl, Natalie (make notes about what I have to talk about.
  • Persona and Scenario refine it
  • Example of crowdsourcing with link and paragraph.
  • CCID email for project!!!
  • Abstract
    • Get rid of quickly
  • An involve the larger community in humnaities
  • Suda online as example, put in reference (biblipgraphy)
  • This paper will describe the a multimedia example that leverages crowdsourcing.
  • Make clear we developed a custom site
  • Screen dump.
  • Talk about interface design process.
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