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Mario versus Bowser

Persona 1: Mario has held many jobs (plumber, Doctor, carpenter, etc.), lived in many places (New York, Mushroom Kingdom, Space, etc.), and most importantly loves his girlfriend, Princes Peach. He rarely uses the Internet, but often uses word processors. He heard about The Writing Game (TWG) because U of A projects are highly publicized in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Persona 2: Bowser, King of the Koopas, is a megalomaniacal leader, a career criminal and the head of the first crime family of the Mushroom Kingdom. Typing is difficult with claws, but Bowser has persevered and become fairly adept with computers and on the internet. Bowser has always loved Peach, but she has always preferred Mario. He heard about TWG because he regularly hacks into Mario's computer.

Scenario: Competing to write a love letter to Peach

  1. (Mario)
    Mario thinks TWG will help him to write a love letter to Peach to finally convince her to marry him. He has been struggling with it for a while and hopes that TWG will help to motivate him. Mario signs up and selects the tutorial project to learn how the system works
  1. (Mario)
    Mario enters his new project title (My Love Letter), fills in the project description, puts in an end date of two weeks from today, and guesses that it will take 2 pages and 2 days to express his love.
  2. (Mario)
    The tutorial encourages him to break his project into milestones, so Mario creates some milestones:
    1. Our history
    2. Our future
    3. My heartfelt plea
    4. Final editing
  3. (Mario)
    Since he is excited at his progress (the progress bar has moved a little way toward finishing), Mario starts writing the "Our history" milestone and finishes quickly.
  4. (Bowser)
    Bowser has screenhacked Mario and watches him complete his first steps in TWG and decides to mess with Mario by competing with him in letter writing. He copies all of the steps Mario has done (to save time) and adds Mario as a competitor.
  5. (Mario)
    Mario receives an email notification and a message at the top of the TWG window that indicates Bowser wants to compete with Mario. Mario accepts his challenge! He then quickly finishes his Our history milestone and clicks the Done button. His progress bar jumps forward and he feels happy.
  6. (Bowser)
    Bowser receives an email notification and a message at the top of the TWG window that indicates Mario has accepted his challenge. While Bowser is still cackling with glee, he gets another email and screen message to indicate that Mario has finished his first milestone in 45 minutes! Bowser gets right to work and finishes his Our History and Our Future milestones. When he clicks "Done" on Our Future, he types "She is my future, not YOURS!!" into the "Notes for competitors" box.
  7. (Mario)
    While Mario is working feverishly, he gets an email notification and a screen message for all of Bowser's work. He realizes that so many notifications are annoying, so he goes to his notification screen (link in the email and in the screen message) and indicates that he only wants daily notifications.
  8. (Mario)
    Mario writes his Heartfelt plea and clicks the Done button. He navigates to the project level and sees that his progress bar is nearly full! He hits the export button which lets him save his whole project as a plain text file. After printing his new file, he goes to bed to do his final edits.
  9. (Bowser)
    Bowser gets a mail/screen notification that Mario has finished his Heartfelt plea and only has 1 milestone left. Not wanting to be beaten, Bowser quickly clicks the Done button on his remaining milestones and clicks Done on his project (including a competitor brag to Mario). His progress bar is full and he gets awards for finishing a project in 24 hours and for winning his first competition.
  10. (Bowser)
    Bowser clicks the feedback link, fills in the text area with "Thanks for the awards but you guys are suckers" and goes to bed.
  11. (Mario)
    Mario opens his email and sees in his daily notification email that Bowser has finished all his milestones, has completed his project, and has won their TWG competition. Saddened, Mario takes some time to think about his feelings.
  12. (Mario)
    After a few days, Mario gets tired of the daily emails from TWG reminding him that his work on the Love letter is overdue. He pours all of his recent emotion into a rewrite of his Heartfelt plea. He finishes editing his letter in the TWG interface, exports, then prints the final copy. He clicks Done on his Milestones and his Project then he leaves to mail his letter.
  13. (Bowser)
    Because Bowser cheated and did not use the TWG system properly, he does not get reminders and he never finishes his letter to Peach. Consequently, he begins planning yet another kidnapping attempt.
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