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Persona Test

1.Angela Celeste

1.1 Personal Life

Angela currently works as elementary school teacher. She has studied education. She is interested in educational games especially for preschoolers. She wasn’t good at using technology. However, she needed to learn many new technologies for effective teaching. In the meantime, she found a huge potential from games because kids like to play games. She always tries to learn new tech and games for educational purposes, but she still feels difficult.

1.2 Computer Skills

• Not familiar with computers. • Has learned a couple of programs such as Word and Powerpoint.

1.3 Game Skills

• Can only play simple games such as Tetris or Angry bird.

2. Natalie Jordan

2.1 Personal Life

Natalie is a grad student who recently found far-play games by accident. She was walking around downtown and saw QR codes, and it introduced her augmented reality games. She likes to play games, and she is interested in using new technology, so she is wondering how ARGs it is. She is studying social media. She is interested in locative media and social issues, and she wants to make society better. Laurence is very extroverted and enjoy many social activities with people. She knows a lot of people who work at different fields.

2.2 Computer Skills

• Good at using computers and new tech products. • Has excellent skills using social media.

2.3 Game Skills

• Has enough game experience, and good at gaming.

3. Mike Wayne

3.1 Personal Life

Mike is a journalist who works for game magazines. He has studied communication and psychology. He is a big fan of video games. He has been playing games more than 20 years. His first game console was Famicom which was his birthday gift when he was grade1. He has played a lot of different games. Even though he is not a game developer, he has excellent knowledge of games. He used to work as game tester when companies announced new games. He is also a tech savvy. His another hobby is collecting new tech products.

3.2 Computer Skills

• Very good at computer programs. • Has used PC and Mac • Advanced Internet users

3.3 Game Skills

• Has played many games. • Always ranked as a high scored gamer. • Has a good understanding of games. • Wants to try new games all the times.

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