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EDCAUSE is an educative journal publication on information technology for teaching and learning.

Submitted by Ugochukwu Udemezue Onyido


Please find the link to EDUCAUSE site. Those in the digital humanities can benefit from accessing this site, because it is rich in terms of its published articles, especially in mobile learning. It uses information resources to deliver learning in information technologies. It is basically a non-profit association with the mission of fostering the intelligent use of information technology. Its publications are peer reviewed while most of them are accessible for free. [1] Users can search the EDUCAUSE quarterly for current and back copies of publications from [2]

Major Initiatives

The EDUCAUSE programmes provides help for users to navigate the challenges involved in advancing higher education with information technology through applied research, data benchmarking, and programs that addressed advanced networking, policy, security, and teaching and learning. Three of these initiatives are fee based programmes that offer subscription. These include:

the EDUCAUSE Centre for Applied Research

the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative, and

the Net@EDU

The EDUCAUSE Centre for Applied Research (ECAR) [3] is responsible for providing subscribers and members with research and analysis to assist higher education leaders make better decisions about field of information technology.

The Advanced Core Technologies Initiative (ACTI) [4] allows members who are tackling technological progress in core technologies to network and work with each other and those who are contemplating similar progress.

The EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) [5] is a community of institutions, organizations, and corporations committed to advancing learning through information technology innovation. This initiative achieves this mission through its strategic focus on learners, learning principles and practices, and learning technologies in information technologies.

The Core Data Service [6] provides a web-based interactive database. This is based on an annual survey, that compares institutional information technology environments and practices to help benchmark, plan for, and make appropriate decisions about IT on campus.

Networking Initiatives [7] are based on defining and developing emerging network technologies.

Policy Initiatives [8] are the association’s legislative and regulatory tracking and advocacy activities involving policies that impact IT in higher education.

Security Initiatives [9] are resources on computer and network security for the higher education community.

.edu Administration [10] discusses policies and processes for managing the .edu Internet domain, which EDUCAUSE oversees under contract with the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Resources for research and learning include:

1. Professional development activities

2. Applied research

3. Strategic policy advocacy

4. Teaching and learning initiatives

5. Online information services

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