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HUMlab at University is a meeting place for the humanities, culture and information technology. Here students, researchers, artists, industry workers, and international guests are welcome to participate in the daily activities and initiate their own projects in a creative environment.

HUMlab is an internationally established platform for the digital humanities and new media. Centered around an exciting studio environment of about 500 m2. HUMlab offers interesting technology, prominent international visitors, often several simultaneously ongoing activities and a rich mixture of competences and interests.


HUMlab (The Physical Space) is an environment of innovation which works as a place of study, a research laboratory, a place for project development, as well as a lecture hall or exhibition space. Ongoing research projects include themes such as how youth are using YouTube, religious expression on the Internet, interactive architecture, and how European and Swedish cultural heritage can be made accessible in new ways. HUMlab offers opportunities to use technology in one’s own research or in a variety of creative endeavors. There are many activities, and for example, you can participate in seminars, short courses, international conferences and art installations. HUMlab hosts a series of seminars and workshops revolving around information technology and the humanities. HUMlab hosts a number of short courses, usually geared towards beginners as an introduction to a particular subject and to encourage further experimentation. HUMlab (The Virtual Space) provides various online communities with common meeting spaces and many opportunities for creative and dynamic interactions.


The HUMlab Blog is both a showcase and a portal for the many activities associated with HUMLab These include The Artist in Residence program.


HUMlab is supported by the Kempe Foundation, Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, and the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation.

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