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Here are some ideas for content that could be included as part of the Writing Tips feature.

Lisa: If we're going to link out to other sites we'llneed to consider the issue of link verification. Is there a way forthe game to check that a link doesn't return an error codebefore using a tip from that source?

Lisa: We could make the tips self contained within the system with a "source" link at the bottom. This will look tidier and more appealing, will still allow us to attribute credit, deals with problem that not every tip has it's own unique URI, and broken links will be less intrusive.

Title: Respect your audience URL: http://www.writersblock.ca/tips/monthtip/tipjan98.htmRedux: Provide evidence that allows the reader to draw his/her own conclusion. Avoid making value judgements. Don't use the superior "we" e.g. We can now see that, We recommend. Type: Journalism, Fiction

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