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Main Page

This page introduces the project to the volunteers and those surfing the web. The paragraph explains the goals and process of the Ukrainian Folklore Audio Project. The volunteers Log In on this page with the username and password provided by Natalie Kononenko.

Main Page

Audio Clip Page

I added the help buttons along the side. I put in a “sign out” button. The “my clip” button shows the listener their translation or transcription of a clip. I deleted the image to make more room for the audio clip info. The buttons along the side provide help for the volunteers and the ability to communicate with the administration.

Audio Page 1

For this Audio clip wireframe, I put a table at the top to record the clips that the member has completed. The table is similar to the one above but when a clip is signed out there is a lock image to indicate that. The My Clip table displays the clips that the volunteer has already completed.

Audio Page 2

Account Page

The buttons along the side are to help the volunteers with translations, transcriptions and designating keywords. I have added the keyword area above the word processors for the volunteers to add them as they work. On this page, I have used tabs to put in the translation and transcription pages.

Account Page 1

Here the help buttons include one for comments for the volunteer to use while they work on the clip. The translation and transcription word processors are side by side now, with a different type of keyword column above. The button links to different help and contact pages for the volunteers.

Account Page 2

Administration Page

This page is for Natalie and Maryna to edit the volunteer submissions. From this page, they can access all of the audio clips and submissions to maintain them and the site. The editors will edit all the submitted works here (the word processor and audio player are there for that). The administrators can add keywords to each piece, this let volunteers search and decide what works interest them. There is a link to a notes page. Natalie and Maryna can discuss the project with other scholars here.

Administration Page
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