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Why lists? Here is a list of reasons for organizing this project management guide around lists:

  • Lists present alternative ways of doing things without suggesting that one is necessarily best. I don't believe project management is a science where there is a best way to do things. This gives you a way of survey ideas that I hope helps.
  • Lists are easier to manage in a wiki. Wikis lend themselves to lists and breakout lists.
  • Lists can be added to and rearranged while writing. And this is a dynamic document meant to be edited.
  • The most useful book I ever consulted when I was learning to teach was a book of lists for teachers. With every new challenge I could get a bunch of ideas without having to read through all the throat clearing. I'm hoping this works for project management.
  • We all make lists and know how they work. We make To Do lists and lists of people or tools. We make lists of references called bibliographies and know how to use them. Why not use a management tool we know for management.
  • Lists can be ignored.
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