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LaTeX code for Virgil Scenarios

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Virgil Irwin: \textbf{Starts the First Assignment}
	\item  Logged into E-Class site for course.
	\item  Checks the syllabus for the assignments and deadlines. Realizes that they have to use GWrit for first (and all) assignment and the deadline is Sept. 23rd.
	\item  Goes to the section on GWrit in the Moodle. Looks at the 3 minute screencast on how to use it, but ignores the manual.
	\item  Goes to the GWrit from the E-Class Moodle.
	\item  Gets logged into GWrit automatically.
	\item  This is their first time in the system. They see an introductory note from instructor telling them where to get help. The note points them to gamifications options.
	\item  He creates a new project ??? they get asked what template they want to use
	\item  Picks the assignment 1 template: summary of scientific article (from list that includes: academic essay, reflective essay, scientific article, ???)
	\item  They are dropped into the project and can see that there are a number of tasks/milestones.
	\item  They review the various tasks.
	\item  They notice that they can see sample assignments. They click on the link for an assignment like what they have in mind. 
	\item  They spend some time looking at it. At the 60 second mark they get an Achievement for ???Reading to Write???. They click on this to see what it means and get a page about ???
	\item  They return to the sample assignment and pick task ???Choose the article???. They know what they want to write about so they fill this out and click ???Done???. This unlocks another Achievement for ???Starting Early???. 
	\item  They see in the About area of the screen how many other people have started early. 
	\item  They log out.

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