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Hi, My name is Ashley Moroz and I am a graduate student at the University of Alberta. In our project, Viral Analytics, we will be looking to embed a text analysis tool into journal articles. In order to determine which tools would be useful we will be conducting a short interview. I will be taking some notes during the interview and it will be recorded for reference purposes. You are free to opt out of the interview and withhold you interview data at any time without any repercussions to yourself.

Have you seen any examples of an embedded text analysis tool such as voyeur or Tapor?
*yes, then what parts of the tool did you like about it? What did you dislike about it?
*no, then I will give you a short tour of taporware.
What kinds of tools would you like to see in your journal?
* use of texts in a variety of formats including plain text, HTML, XML, PDF, RTF and MS Word
* Export data into other tools (as XML, tab separated values, etc.)
* More advanced linguistic processing (lemmatization, parts of speech, semantic awareness)
* XML-aware analytic features
* Proximity searching of terms
What sorts of tools are helpful to your audience?
What text format are your articles displayed in?
Which formats would you like the tools to be used in?
What is your role in the journal?
Does your journal see voyeur as a useful tool for text analysis?
Would your journal be interested in testing out voyeur by embedding it in your journal?

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