Viral Analytics Meeting Notes, Oct. 1st, 2010


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  • email Geoffrey problems with proposal,get analytic examples that are embedded
  • contact ethics if we need to redo ethics for interviewing editors.
  • write supplementary for ethics if needed
  • skype editors to do interview

start from text analysisdo a blurb about interview goals, willbe taking notes and have you seen examples of embedded voyeurtoolsdid you look at examples of embedded linksgive a little tourof toolwhat tools would you like in your journalhow would youimagine tools in your journalwhat sorts of tools are helpful toaudiencewhat text formats are available (which format should toolwork on)show taporware toolswhat is your role in journal?number 2,number 3 at the endwhat formats are the articles available injournalnumber 5 killnumber 7 usefulnumber 6,8 what tools theywantnumber 9 what xml tools could be useful to readerswriteprotocoli contact them by email, set up a date to go onskyperesearching for examples of embedded toolsbadges: small regiontunneling through: tag cloudscreate bibliography of toolsscreenshot, description of toolonline magazines, individual blogs, hightech blogs,Geoffrey's blogword press pluginsfacebook plugins(find master list of where plugins can be embedded)drupalplugins

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