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LaTeX code for Viral Analytics Meeting Notes, Oct. 15th, 2010

Click here for a plain text version of this LaTeX code.

% commands generated by html2latex

	\item content owner = publishers
	\item reference = research
	\item I will write up notes and you can edit them.
	\item write out full questions
	\item what text formats
	\item are other formats available
	\item which formats tools operate on
	\item role in journal/blog at beginning
	\item Voyeur
	\item API are entities
	\item create page on scan of embeddable analytic tools
	\item screenshot
	\item link
	\item blurb
	\item look at google analytics
	\item newspapers - recommends other articles
	\item graphic visulizations
	\item USA today, CNN
	\item drupal
	\item joomla
	\item django
	\item text analysis
	\item visulisations
	\item draft text for ammendment

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