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LaTeX code for Viral Analytics Meeting Notes, Jan. 14th, 2011

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% commands generated by html2latex

	\item  write a proposal for paper due end of May SDH-SEMI.
	\item  give title, problem and how we will solve problem.  Look at abstracts for DH conferences.  Pitch first paragraph.  Therefore in this paper we will ... (points)
	\item  background, tool, assessment methodology, results, conclude with next steps.
	\item  demonstrate the software - describe software.  In the presentation I will ...
	\item  change screenshot to article instead of table of contents
	\item  get unpublished article from Geoffrey to show.
	\item  change title to Journal of Viral Analytics
	\item journal issue is embedding analytic tools
	\item  what is viral analytics
	\item  create pdf of images and page for editors to see easily
	\item  remove bubbles
	\item  cirrus, frequency grid, links, frequency gird
	\item  give people idea of what they could do.
	\item  options and reveal button should go to the bottom.
	\item  check for certificate on hero
	\item  contact Corey with updates.
	\item  ACM plugin 
	\item  social software
	\item  viral articles
	\item  look for references in grant proposal

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