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LaTeX code for Viral Analytics Meeting Notes, Dec. 3rd, 2010

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% commands generated by html2latex

	\item  TAPor Cocoon
	\item  Reflex\nolinebreak?
	\item  Remove transformer
	\item  Orlando custom
	\item  Shakespeare oracle
	\item  Kenji built by eric
	\item  Eclipse different framework
	\item  Purl\nolinebreak?
	\item  Coin php
	\item  Humviz remove
	\item  Node33 custom
	\item  Dinka php
	\item  Dynamic drive company
	\item  NICHE add djoomla or drupal
	\item  Add pictures
	\item  Put walkthroughs separately
	\item  What it looks like to user ??? use of tool
	\item  Walkthrough for user first
	\item  Send note to Cory and Stephan to look over documentation
	\item  Harass Harvey to get pictures working
	\item  Put journals in framework list
	\item  2pm Monday 13th

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