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LaTeX code for Viral Analytics Meeting Notes, Dec. 13rd, 2010

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% commands generated by html2latex

	\item  add some text to description
	\item  For example we have a dummy site at ...
	\item  in right hand column there is small Voyeur panel with word reveal.
	\item  say why you need to click reveal
	\item  send Geoffrey a note that voyeur is clipping info, should be able to expand, word count fountain should be removed, order of tools should be different, summary should be first, some duplication on buttons
	\item  Create table with text on one side, picture on other
	\item  talk about common buttons, such as question mark, save file, option summary
	\item  need introduction in embedding voyeur tools and using voyeur
	\item  find out how to get rid of table of contents
	\item  Add text explaining the project and some text for the links
	\item  meeting notes at bottom.
	\item  capitalize initial email
	\item  familiarize with Voyeur
	\item  make a parallel to OJS with wordpress
	\item  make it more verbose and readable
	\item  This is the help page for users, get into mind of users
	\item  send Geoffrey email about Voyeur features
	\item  give links to Corey's sites

	\item  Remember the milk
	\item  Remind Harvey about pictures

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