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This page is to provide very simple and quick help on editing this wiki.

  • Headings: If you want headings then use one or moreequals signs on both sides:
== My Level 2 Heading Here ==
  • Bold: If you want bolded text, three single quotes oneither side:
  • Horizontal Rule: If you want a rule across then fourhypens:
  • Internal Link'; = '#ff0000';" onMouseOut = "this.innerHTML = 'Internal Link'; = '#000000';">Internal Link: To link to an internal page use square brackets. Note that you have to have the "CIRCA:" before the title of a page you are creating/linking to.
[[CIRCA:Very Simple Help]]
[[CIRCA:Very Simple Help | Very Simple Help (without the CIRCA:)]]
  • External Link: To link to the outside you can just usethe URL or provide anchor text:
[ MediaWiki]

For help editing there is a more complete page at: Help:Editing

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