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LaTeX code for Version 2.0 Project-Task Feature Discussion

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\subsection{ Project }

When an instructor creates a project they can define:
	\item  Title
	\item  Family?
	\item  Course
	\item  Description
	\item  Deadline
	\item  Order in Course projects
	\item  Help page contents

As part of the project the instructor can create one or more tasks.\hypertarget{Task}{}

\subsection{ Task }

When and instructor creates a task they can define:
	\item  Title
	\item  Description
	\item  Completion parameters
	\item  How many words
	\item  Deadline
	\item  Number of Type of Units
	\item  Percent Bar for Student
	\item  Done Button or Done and Submit
	\item  Will be commented on
	\item  Group?
	\item  Discussion Label
	\item  Discussion Instructions
	\item  Discussion Seed Content
	\item  Writing Label
	\item  Writing Instructions
	\item  Writing Seed Content
	\item  Help page contents (overrides the project help)

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