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LaTeX code for Version 2.0 Feature List

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\subsection{ Initial Features }
	\item  Accounts (Admin accounts, Instructor accounts, and User accounts)
	\item  Classes - A model where a teacher creates a class of users. She can add, delete and resent passwords for her users. She can see their work and comment on it.
	\item  In account you see two fields - the editorial field and the writing. Provide simple web editing.
	\item  Ability for Instructor to see the writing panel and to comment in a third panel.


\subsection{ Expected Next Generation }
	\item  More complex commenting.
	\item  Ability to have peer comments.
	\item  Ability to have projects with multiple "Tasks" each with their own.
	\item  Metrics (words, ....) Gamification stuff. Badges.
	\item  Skins
	\item  Export abilities
	\item  Ability to get an account created automatically
	\item  Ability to manage accounts (for admin)

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