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  • Word Cloud
  • A similar users system that uses keywords to help connect users that have similar writing interests
  • Words written (and if there is a target then words written of target (ie. 400 of 500 words))
  • Deadline - "Should be finished by ..." - or "5 more days ..."
  • If there are units and number of units then there needs to be something like "5 of 7 units (bibliographic entries) completed"
  • Percent done if that is wanted.
  • Plain old Done button. In some cases it will be a "Done and Submit"
  • Readability index
  • Number of paragraphs and sentences
  • A revision comparison tool to compare between revision and final submission versions of an assignment
  • A force-directed graph to show the networks of commenting between writers (D3 library or Gephi)

Linked Analytics

  • Word Freq from Voyant
  • Word Trends from Voyant
  • KWIC
  • Full Voyant
  • TAPoRware Analyzer

Reading Tools

  • Lookup in dictionary
  • Look up in Wikipedia
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