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LaTeX code for Version 2.0 Analytics Feature Discussion

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\subsection{ Analytics }
	\item  Word Cloud
	\item  A similar users system that uses keywords to help connect users that have similar writing interests
	\item  Words written (and if there is a target then words written of target (ie. 400 of 500 words))
	\item  Deadline - "Should be finished by ..." - or "5 more days ..."
	\item  If there are units and number of units then there needs to be something like "5 of 7 units (bibliographic entries) completed"
	\item  Percent done if that is wanted.
	\item  Plain old Done button. In some cases it will be a "Done and Submit"
	\item  Readability index
	\item  Number of paragraphs and sentences
	\item  A revision comparison tool to compare between revision and final submission versions of an assignment
	\item  A force-directed graph to show the networks of commenting between writers (D3 library or Gephi)

\subsection{ Linked Analytics }
	\item  Word Freq from Voyant
	\item  Word Trends from Voyant
	\item  KWIC
	\item  Full Voyant
	\item  TAPoRware Analyzer
	\item  Plagiarism detection tool, such as (useful for teachers, could lead to problems if made available for students)

\subsection{ Reading Tools }
	\item  Lookup in dictionary
	\item  Look up in Wikipedia

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