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=Embedded Voyeur=
=Embedded Voyeur=
===Navigating to webpage===
===Navigating to webpage===

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Embedded Voyeur


Navigating to webpage

  1. Navigate to a site that has Voyeur embedded.
  2. Click on 'Reveal' button below Voyeur.
  1. In the popup menu you can filter by author, category, tags, or date.

In the Reveal popup you can also change tool. By changing the tool, Voyeur displays different text analysis tools. Here is help on the different tools.


- Words appear in the screen as bubbles. The larger the word is, the more frequent it appears on the page.


- Cirrus is a word cloud where the most frequent word in the document are displayed. The larger the word is, the more frequent it appears on the page. By hovering over a word a number appears telling you how many times that word appears in the page. By clicking a word, Voyeur opens in a new window to give you more information on the frequency of the word.

Frequency Grid

- This table shows the frequency of the words on the page in descending order of frequency. By scrolling to the right, there is a trend graph that shows where in the document the word occurs.


- This is like a web where all words are a different color depending on which post there are the most hits(places where the word appears). The bigger the word is, the more frequent it is on the page. When you hover over a word it tells you which post it occurs in and how many links and hits(times the word occurs in the post).


- With the reader all posts are color coded on the left hand side of Voyeur. By navigating through the left side bar you can read all the posts one by one.


- This gives you a summary of the entire document. It gives you the longest and shortest document, highest vocabulary density, most frequent words, notable peaks in frequency and distinctive words. Some of these categories have a trend graph showing where in the document the word occurs.

Word Count Fountain

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