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Undergraduate Programmes in Interactive Media


Department of Design and Computation Arts - http://design.concordia.ca/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=21&Itemid=53

Concordia has a Specialization, Major and Minor in Computation Arts. The Major includes the core curriculum of CS. The BFA in Design also has multimedia stream.


School of Interactive Arts and Technology: http://www.siat.sfu.ca/undergrad/program-overview/overview/

"SIAT offers three (3) concentrations of undergraduate study: Informatics, Design and Media Arts. All share a fundamental concern with how people use technology in their lives. There is flexibility to pursue a BA or BSc Degree."


Department of Communication Studies and Multimedia: http://csmm.mcmaster.ca/undergraduate/index.html

McMaster has a BA in Multimedia. There is talk of changing it into a BFA in Media Arts.


Electronic Media, Arts and Communication: http://www.hass.rpi.edu/pl/emac

"The B.S. in EMAC (Electronic Media, Arts, and Communication) is a unique interdisciplinary curriculum that includes courses in communication as well as in digital art and animation, video, electronic music, and graphic design, supported by Rensselaer's strong technological infrastructure. The program, offered jointly by the Department of the Arts and the Department of Language, Literature, and Communication, encourages EMAC students to be creative problem solvers, critical thinkers, team leaders, and entrepreneurs who will use technology in innovative ways in industry, art, and education, giving our graduates a flexible advantage in today's challenging economy.

The EMAC curriculum offers concentrations in Digital Storytelling (Animation, Video, Game Design), Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Marketing Communication and Design, and Sound Design and Popular Culture."


New Media: http://ryerson.ca/undergraduate/admission/programs/newmedia.html

Program has a portfolio requirement.

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