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Personas and Scenarios

Personas and Scenarios

Meeting Notes

Relevant Links

Related Crowd-Sourcing Websites:

Suda Online is a scholarly crowd-sourcing website. Its goal is to transcribe and translate the ancient Byzantine encyclopedia. This huge undertaking (approximately 30,000 entries) is possible through this type of communal system.

Transcribe Bentham has registered users transcribe the work of Jeremy Bentham. A project of University College London (UCL), this website provides points to the volunteers in reward for productive transcribing.

InnoCentive is a unique site that brings together the problems that large (and small) companies cannot solve. The users will apply their knowledge against scientific problems for a monetary reward.

Articles about Crowdsourcing:

“Crowdsourcing: A Million Heads is Better that One” by Josh Catone. From Read Write Web, the author separated the types of crowdsourcing into three categories, creation, prediction and organization.

“The rise of Crowdsourcing” by Jeff Howe. An article from wired about the use of crowds to solve a variety of problems.

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