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LaTeX code for Types of DH Projects

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Here are some typical digital humanities projects

	\item \hyperlink{Teaching_and_Learning_Projects}{1Teaching and Learning Projects}
	\item \hyperlink{Tools_and_Methods}{2Tools and Methods}
	\item \hyperlink{Community_Projects}{3Community Projects}
	\item \hyperlink{Scholarly_Editions_and_Archives}{4Scholarly Editions and Archives}
	\item \hyperlink{New_Media_Work}{5New Media Work}
	\item \hyperlink{Critical_or_Theoretical_Work}{6Critical or Theoretical Work}
	\item \hyperlink{Administrative_Projects}{7Administrative Projects}

\subsection{ Teaching and Learning Projects }
	\item  Setting up a course web site
	\item  Developing a learning object
	\item  Evaluating a learning object

\subsection{ Tools and Methods }
	\item  Developing a tool
	\item  Designing a prototyping
	\item  Usability study of tool
	\item  Develop a new research technique
	\item  Analyzing a text or corpus
	\item  Cultural analytics of multimedia evidence 
	\item  Data mining a collection
	\item  Visualizing a phenomenon
	\item  Code review

\subsection{ Community Projects }
	\item  Setting up an e-journal
	\item  Developing a online newsletter for a community
	\item  Developing and running a communications strategy
	\item  Running an online conference
	\item  Running a workshop
	\item  Facilitating an unconference
	\item  Developing a crowdsourcing project

\subsection{\href{/index.php/CIRCA:Scholarly_Editions_and_Archives}{ Scholarly Editions and Archives}}
	\item  Creating a scholarly edition of a text
	\item  Developing multimedia edition of a text
	\item  Developing a corpus
	\item  Building an archive
	\item  Developing a markup scheme for a type of document

\subsection{ New Media Work }
	\item  Create a hypermedia fiction
	\item  Create a serious game
	\item  Create a visualization
	\item  Conduct design research in a domain
	\item  Create an interactive installation

\subsection{ Critical or Theoretical Work }
	\item  Writing the history of a technology
	\item  Theorizing a new technology
	\item  Ethnography of computing
	\item  Interpreting and comparing multimedia
	\item  Bibliography and critique a new media work
	\item  Studying new media collection through content analysis
	\item  Studying research practices
	\item  Studying a phenomenon through the web
	\item  Study of software
	\item  Game studies - theorizing games

\subsection{ Administrative Projects }
	\item  Developing an online bibliography for a team
	\item  Developing online communication tools for a team
	\item  Building a web site for an organization (like your department)
	\item  Archiving research for a team
	\item  Redesigning a web site
	\item  Developing metadata schema
	\item  Moving and updating a project
	\item  Conduct a needs analysis for a project

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