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LaTeX code for To Do for Guide

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Some things done:
	\item  Figure out how to transclude lists. \href{/index.php/CIRCA:List_Test}{CIRCA: List Test}. Solved, see example below. Now I need to break out lists and transclude them.

Some things to do next:
	\item  Figure out how to manage the list of tools
	\item  Figure out how to manage all the different tactics/methods/practices. 
	\item  Add section on my philosophy of management which means figuring it out.
	\item  Add a section on everything that can go wrong and link to lists of suggestions
	\item  Add a section on the dangers of talking too much and managing too much. This could link to things that go wrong and managing yourself.
	\item  Add something on how a meeting might go - describe a successful meeting - provide list of activities that can make up a meeting
	\item  Write about documenting meetings - writing notes as we go.
	\item  Write about open research administration and using wikis, meeting notes, etc
	\item  Add to lit review on bibliographic management
	\item  Add a section on the brutal truths of project management - how the wrong people end up managing (ie. profs) and how we don't leave enough time. Connect this to what can go wrong and managing yourself.
	\item  Add a section on how management is a task and how one has to budget time. Provide suggestions as to how
	\item  Describe ways of balancing lots of projects - how to keep track.
	\item  Write about recognition and crediting people. Connect to management by celebration.
	\item  Start working through the types of dh projects and the parts of them, approaches and so on. Those should begin to populate the methods section. 
	\item  Write something about my experience.
	\item  Write something about being managed and how bad profs are at it.
	\item  Write something about assumptions of this guide (paradigmatic project)


Here is a test list:
	\item  First item
	\item  Second
	\item  Third

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