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LaTeX code for Testing Questions

Click here for a plain text version of this LaTeX code.

% commands generated by html2latex


These are things we are looking for in the Think Aloud usability tests:
	\item  How do they use the two fields?
	\item  Do they understand the difference between the two fields?
	\item  Can they use the interactive outline on the left?
	\item  How do they use milestones and tasks?
	\item  What parts of the interface do they not use?

\subsection{ Questions to ask }

Here are some questions to ask the participant at the end:
	\item  What do you like?
	\item  What would you change?
	\item  What would you add?
	\item Which parts you are not comfortable with?
	\item  What sorts of writing tasks do you think you could use this for?
	\item  Do you think the gamification is helpful?

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