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This is a taxonomy of tools, methods and practices of interest to the digital humanities.

	\item \hyperlink{Ideation}{1Ideation}
	\item \hyperlink{Communication_and_Collaboration}{2Communication and Collaboration}
	\item \hyperlink{Gathering_Evidence}{3Gathering Evidence}
	\item \hyperlink{Enriching_Evidence}{4Enriching Evidence}
	\item \hyperlink{Data_Analysis}{5Data Analysis}
	\item \hyperlink{Design_and_Usability}{6Design and Usability}
	\item \hyperlink{Project_Management}{7Project Management}
	\item \hyperlink{Programming_and_Development}{8Programming and Development}

\subsection{ Ideation }
	\item  Needs analysis
	\item  Game Design Games
	\item  Methods Cards
	\item  Brainstorming
	\item  Scenario generation

\subsection{ Communication and Collaboration }
	\item  Regular lab meetings
	\item  Regular conference calls
	\item  Skype
	\item  Email
	\item  Organize symposium
	\item  Organize conference
	\item  Using a Wiki
	\item  Using Google Docs
	\item  Crowdsourcing

\subsection{ Gathering Evidence }
	\item  Observation
	\item  Literature review
	\item  Environmental scan
	\item  Close reading
	\item  Oral history and interviews
	\item  Manual input
	\item  Scanning
	\item  Photography
	\item  Video digitizing
	\item  3D digitization
	\item  Motion capture
	\item  Geophysical survey and GPS
	\item  Audio digitization
	\item  Music recognition
	\item  Speech recognition
	\item  Sound generation
	\item  Remote sensing
	\item  Web scraping and crawling
	\item  Use of existing digital data
	\item  Traffic logging
	\item  Screen capture
	\item  Survey
	\item  Ethnography


\subsection{ Enriching Evidence }
	\item  Cataloguing and indexing
	\item  Text markup and encoding
	\item  Part of speech tagging and lemmatization
	\item  Image annotation and encoding
	\item  Illustration
	\item  Photogrammetry
	\item  2d/3d modeling
	\item  Geo-referencing and projection
	\item  Audio/Video annotation and encoding
	\item  Database modeling
	\item  Record linking
	\item  Coding and standardization
	\item  Sound editing
	\item  Video editing
	\item  Animation
	\item  Rendering
	\item  Image restoration
	\item  Virtual world modeling
	\item  Crowdsourcing


\subsection{ Data Analysis }
	\item  Collation
	\item  Search and retrieval
	\item  Concording
	\item  Comparison
	\item  Text analysis
	\item  Discourse analysis
	\item  Content analysis
	\item  Data mining
	\item  Text mining
	\item  Stylometrics
	\item  Statistical analysis
	\item  Visualization
	\item  Sonnification
	\item  Animation
	\item  Parsing
	\item  Record linking
	\item  Sound analysis
	\item  Spatial data analysis
	\item  Video analysis
	\item  Case study
	\item  Motion analysis
	\item  Image feature measurement
	\item  Image recognition and segmentation
	\item  AI training and recognition
	\item  Traffic analysis (web)
	\item  Generative design

\subsection{ Design and Usability }
	\item  Checklists
	\item  Expert review
	\item  Cognitive walkthrough
	\item  Heuristic review
	\item  Task analysis
	\item  User testing
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Talk_Aloud}{ Talk Aloud Method}
	\item  Card sorting
	\item  Interviews
	\item  Focus groups
	\item  A/B testing
	\item  Persona modeling
	\item  Scenario modeling
	\item  Wireframes and paper prototyping
	\item  Prototyping
	\item  Participatory design
	\item  Questionnaires
	\item  Autoethnography
	\item  Journaling
	\item  Contextual inquiry
	\item  Accessibility testing
	\item  GOMS
	\item  Charrettes
	\item  Participatory design


\subsection{ Project Management }
	\item  Needs analysis
	\item  Accessibility analysis
	\item  Curation
	\item  Documentation
	\item  Iterative design
	\item  Preservation
	\item  Risk management
	\item  Scrum framework
	\item  Agile management
	\item  Action research

\subsection{ Programming and Development }
	\item  Agile development
	\item  Extreme programming
	\item  System quality assurance and code testing
	\item  Version control
	\item  Prototyping
	\item  Open testing
	\item  Unit testing
	\item  Stress testing

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