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(br>'''A DigiActive Introduction to Facebook Activism''' [| Guide to Facebook Activism]
<br>'''A DigiActive Introduction to Facebook Activism''' [| Guide to Facebook Activism]

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  • Blogs
  • Listserves
  • Email- or letter-writing campaigns
  • Petitions

General Tactics

10 TACTICS for turning information into action developed by human rights activists Activism
1. Mobilise people - bring them to action
2. Witness and record
3. Visualize your message - picture it
4. Amplify personal stories
5. Just add humor
6. Simplifying complex data
7. Use complex data
8. Use collective intelligence
9. Let people ask the questions
10. Investigate and expose

Familiarizing with Terms

Digital activism glossary
From astroturf to viral and everything in between this website introduces readers to the specialized vocabulary of digital activism - originally published in the book Digital Activism Decoded - The New Mechanics of Change. Digital activism glossary


Blog for a Cause! The Global Voices Guide to Blog Advocacy Blog for a Cause!

  • What is Blog Advocacy?
  • What are the different Types of Advocacy Blogs?
  • What Every Advocacy Blog Needs
  • Creating an Advocacy Blog
  • Make Your Blog a Centre for Action
  • Keep Yourself Safe

Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber-dissidents from Reporters without Borders For Bloggers and Cyber-dissidents

  • Bloggers, The New Heralds of Free Expression
  • What's A Blog?
  • The Language of Blogging
  • Choosing the Best Tool
  • How to Set Up and Run a Blog
  • What Ethics Should Bloggers Have?
  • Getting Your Blog Picked Up by Search-Engines
  • What Really Makes a Blog Shine?
  • Personal Accounts
  • How to Blog Anonymously
  • Technical Ways to Get Round Censorship
  • Ensuring Your Email is Truly Private
  • Internet-censor World Championship


A DigiActive Introduction to Facebook Activism Guide to Facebook Activism


The DigiActive Guide to Twitter for Activism Guide to Twitter Activism

  • Introduction
  • What is Twitter?
  • Twitter in the Real World
    • Use 1: Spreading the Word
    • Use 2: Social Media Campaigning
    • Use 3: Coordinating Collective Action
    • Use 4: Crowdsourcing
    • Use 5: Personal Security
  • Steps to Organizing an Activism Campaign with Twitter
  • Advice for Your Twitter Campaign
  • Applications that Help You to Use Twitter
  • Microblogging Alternatives to Twitter

Mitigating Risk

Front Line Defenders Front Line Defenders

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