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\subsection{ Using The Writing Game: A Simple Tutorial }

The Writing Game (TWG) is a writing gamification available at \href{}{} .

To get started you should:
	\item  Create a project. Give it a tile in the title box. Type a description of the project in the upper field. 
	\item  Now create some milestones for the project. Again you should enter a brief description of the milestones.
	\item  For milestones you can then create one or more tasks. Some of these could be tasks that involve writing and some may not. For those that involve writing you should use the lower field. TWG will keep track of how much you write.
	\item  When you are done with a task (whether it involved writing or not) you should click \textbf{Done}. The system can send you "brags" when you finish things.

Settings:In the right-hand column there is information about how much you have written, how many tasks you have completed and how far done you are.
	\item  Click on the \textbf{Show/Hide Notification Settings} to change how TWG communicates with you.

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