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Sharcnet (Shared Hierarchical Academic Research Computing Network) was established June 2001 as a joint initiative between McMaster University, The University of Western Ontario, and the University of Guelph and was funded upon grant applications to the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI), Ontario Innovation Trust (OIT) and the Ontario Research and Development Challenge Fund (ORDCF). It is a consortium of Canadian academic institutions sharing a network of high performance computers (HPC) towards the goal of accelerating computational academic research. SHARCNET's aim is to attract the brightest in the field to SHARCNET's partner institutions by providing expertise in hardware and to link academic researchers to corporate partners looking for new business opportunities. SHARCNET aims to directly target researchers with large problems that could not otherwise be contemplated outside of the use of HPC.

The original seven institutions of SHARCNET consortium included McMaster University, The University of Western Ontario, University of Guelph, University of Windsor, Wilfrid Laurier University, Fanshawe College and Sheridan College.


"To promote and facilitate the use of high performance computational techniques among researchers in all fields and to train a new generation of computationally-skilled individuals.”


"To become a world-leading high performance computing consortium promoting forefront research and innovation.”

Purpose and Significance



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