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	\item \hyperlink{Rockwell.27s_Guide_to_Project_Management_in_the_Humanities}{1Rockwell's Guide to Project Management in the Humanities}
	\item \hyperlink{Introduction_to_Project_Management_in_the_Digital_Humanities}{2Introduction to Project Management in the Digital Humanities}
	\item \hyperlink{Starting_Projects}{3Starting Projects}
	\item \hyperlink{Running_Projects}{4Running Projects}
	\item \hyperlink{Wrapping_Projects_Up}{5Wrapping Projects Up}
	\item \hyperlink{Common_Methods_and_Practices}{6Common Methods and Practices}
	\item \hyperlink{Project_Management_Tools}{7Project Management Tools}
	\item \hyperlink{Managing_Yourself_and_Others}{8Managing Yourself and Others}
	\item \hyperlink{Information_for_starting_a_business_in_Canada}{9Information for starting a business in Canada}
	\item \hyperlink{Management_Styles_and_Philosophies}{10Management Styles and Philosophies}
	\item \hyperlink{What_can_go_wrong_.28and_how_to_learn_from_mistakes.29}{11What can go wrong (and how to learn from mistakes)}
	\item \hyperlink{Examples_of_Projects_and_their_Management}{12Examples of Projects and their Management}
	\item \hyperlink{Useful_Lists}{13Useful Lists}

\subsection{ Rockwell's Guide to Project Management in the Humanities }

\textbf{Note:} this guide is in the early stages. Much of what is here is in outline form or missing. I am writing it as I prepare to teach Project Management.

About the \href{}{author, Geoffrey Rockwell} and other contributors.


\subsection{ Introduction to Project Management in the Digital Humanities }
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:My_Management_Philosophy}{ The philosophy of this guide} so you will know if it is for you.
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:How_to_use_this_site}{ How to use this guide} without reading it all.
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Types_of_DH_Projects}{ Types of Digital Humanities Projects}
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Types_of_Roles}{ Types of Roles in Projects}
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:What_RAs_need_to_know}{ What you need to know as a new research assistant!} See also Rockwell's \href{}{Research Assistant Guide}.
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Stuff_digital_humanists_should_know}{ What you need to know as a digital humanist} to manage DH projects.
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:What_IT_staff_need_to_know}{ What you need to know if you are IT staff new to the digital humanities!} This includes advice for programmers trying to figure out how to work with digital humanists.
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Introductions_to_Project_Management}{ Introductions to Project Management} is a list of links to different introductions to project management.
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Everything_Else_You_Should_Read}{ Everything Else You Should Read} is a list of things to read or links to other lists.
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Course_Outline}{ Project Management Course}

\subsection{ Starting Projects }
	\item  Getting good advice
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Planning_Digital_Humanities_Research_Projects}{ Planning Digital Humanities Research Projects}
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Learning_Digital_Humanities}{ Learning about the digital humanities}
	\item  Writing grant proposals and other ways of getting support.
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Project_Proposals}{ Outline for a Project Proposal}
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Presenting_Ideas}{ Presenting Ideas}
	\item  Estimating Projects
	\item  Project Charters and those discussions you should have at the start
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Starting_Stories}{ Stories about starting projects}
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Hiring_People}{ Hiring People}
	\item \href{}{Writing conference proposals in the digital humanities}

\subsection{ Running Projects }
	\item  Models for Communications and Management
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Meetings}{ Meetings and More Meetings}
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Working_with_Students}{ Working with Students} on projects
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Wiki_Model}{ Meetings and a Wiki to manage a project} is a fairly lightweight way of managing a project

\subsection{ Wrapping Projects Up }
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Thinking_about_the_end_of_projects}{ Thinking about the end of projects}. How do you know when its done?
	\item  Celebrating projects
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Reporting_Projects}{ Reporting and publishing projects} after they are done
	\item  Burying projects so they don't haunt you
	\item  Depositing your data and texts
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Giving_Credit}{ Giving credit}
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Long_Term_Preservation}{ Long Term Preservation and Curation}

\subsection{ Common Methods and Practices }
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Introduction_to_Methods}{ Introduction to Research Methods} in the digital humanities.
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Taxonomy_of_DH_Methods}{ Taxonomy of methods in the digital humanities} is a list of methods and practices of interest to the digital humanities.
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Research_Methods}{ Research Methods for the Digital Humanities} presents various useful methods and tactics organized by category.
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:DH_Practices}{ Digital Humanities Practices} organizes various useful practices and techniques around "how to" questions.
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Leadership}{ Leadership} is an ability associated with good managers that has also been questioned.
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Common_Concepts}{ Key Concepts} in research methods.
	\item \href{}{| Game Development Framework} of questions and methods to consider when developing games.

\subsection{ Project Management Tools }
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:List_of_Tools}{ List of tools that can be useful} for managing projects.
	\item \href{}{15 Useful Project Management Tools} is a good list from Smashing Magazine.
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Basic_Digital_Humanities_Technologies}{ Basic Digital Humanities Technologies} is a list of basic tools digital humanists should know.
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Advanced_Tools}{ Advanced Tools} is a list of some advanced tools useful for different projects.

\subsection{ Managing Yourself and Others }
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Surviving_Graduate_School}{ Surviving graduate school}
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:About_Meetings}{ About Meetings}
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Procrastination}{ Procrastination}
	\item  Getting things done, even if not on time
	\item  What do you want to do with your life?
	\item  How do you know when you are stressed?
	\item  Types of digital humanities project roles
	\item  What does it mean to be a project manager?
	\item  Hiring people and bringing them on board
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Collaboration_In_the_Humanities}{ Collaboration in the humanities}
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Academia_and_DH}{ General issues around academia and the digital humanities}

\subsection{ Information for starting a business in Canada }

\href{|}{Ten steps for starting a business} by Michael Burden\hypertarget{Management_Styles_and_Philosophies}{}

\subsection{ Management Styles and Philosophies }
	\item  About management philosophies
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:List_of_Management_Philosophies}{ A list of management philosophies} that you may not have thought about.
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Antimanagement_Patterns}{ Antimanagement patterns} and other ways of not managing
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Readings_about_Management}{ Readings about Management}

\subsection{ What can go wrong (and how to learn from mistakes) }\hypertarget{Examples_of_Projects_and_their_Management}{}

\subsection{ Examples of Projects and their Management }\hypertarget{Useful_Lists}{}

\subsection{ Useful Lists }

As described in the \href{/index.php/CIRCA:My_Management_Philosophy}{ The philosophy of this guide}, much of the content is structured as \href{/index.php?title=CIRCA:List_of_Lists&action=edit&redlink=1}{ lists} you can dip into.
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Why_Lists}{ Why Lists} explains my rationale for using lists and how you might use them.
	\item \textbf{\href{/index.php?title=CIRCA:List_of_Lists&action=edit&redlink=1}{ The list of lists}} is an index to the list and a possible starting place.
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:To_Do_for_Guide}{ A list of what has to be done} of which there is too much.
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Everything_Else_You_Should_Read}{ Everything Else You Should Read} lists readings, links and other bibliographies
	\item \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Other_Stuff_That_Should_Go_Somewhere}{ Other Stuff That Should Go Somewhere}
	\item  Tech For has a list of projects at \href{}{} - Find projects and events.

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