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Explore the sites around Sen no Rikyū's suicide?

Rikyu is an experimental locative tour game developed by Mindy Warner and Geoffrey Rockwell using | Locacious. The tour has five stops starting at the front entrance to the | Daitokuji temple complex in Kyoto.

| Sen no Rikyū is generally considered one of the most influential figures in the development of the tea ceremony or "way of tea." He was a close advisor to | Toyotomi Hideyoshi the Sengoku period warlord that helped unify Japan.

Why did Hideyoshi order Rikyū to commit suicide? What are the sites in Kyoto related to the relationship of Hideyoshi and Rikyū? Learn about the history of Rikyū and Daitokuji with this tour.

About this Tour

Rikyū was created by Mindy Warner and Geoffrey Rockwell. Mindy Warner is a doctoral candidate in Japanese History at the University of Kansas specializing in the history of the tea ceremony and its political use. Warner did the research and recorded the tour. | Geoffrey Rockwell is a Professor of Philosophy and Humanities Computing at the University of Alberta studying computer games. Rockwell provided technical support. This experimental tour was supported by the Japan Foundation.

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