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LaTeX code for Requirements

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Requirements refers to the requirements of the project. 

\textbf{Rationale}: Defining the requirements of the project is important because they identify what the project's goals are to begin with. This creates a common understanding among participating parties of what needs to be accomplished, what would be necessary to view the project as a success, and provides a general direction and criteria for the project.

As you continue through the design process, it becomes necessary to set the basic requirements for the project to proceed. Though material requirements like technology may come to mind, that is only one part of the design process. You may come up with several materials that may be useful for building a game but without an idea of what are indicators of success or an agreement of what each stakeholder is contributing to the project it becomes easy to lose sight of the project's primary purpose. 

	\item What is the primary purpose of the project?
	\item What evidence would indicate success? How will you know it is over?
	\item How will interested parties discuss the project as it evolves?
	\item Is there a project charter agreed among stakeholders that makes clear what is expected of everyone?

\textbf{\href{/index.php/CIRCA:Assessment_Tools}{ Recommended Methods}}: 

Charters, Ideation, Success/Failure Counters, and Interviewing.

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