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Here are some readings about management and project management.

	\item \hyperlink{Introductions}{1Introductions}
	\item \hyperlink{Criticism_of_Management}{2Criticism of Management}
	\item \hyperlink{History_of_Project_Management}{3History of Project Management}
	\item \hyperlink{Historical_Documents}{4Historical Documents}
	\item \hyperlink{Readings_Related_to_Management}{5Readings Related to Management}
	\item \hyperlink{Collaboration}{5.1Collaboration}
	\item \hyperlink{Meetings}{5.2Meetings}
	\item \hyperlink{Methods}{5.3Methods}
	\item \hyperlink{Digital_Humanities}{5.4Digital Humanities}
	\item \hyperlink{Books}{5.5Books}
	\item \hyperlink{Web_Sites}{5.6Web Sites}
	\item \hyperlink{Course_Outlines}{5.7Course Outlines}

\subsubsection{ Introductions }
	\item  Here are some \href{/index.php/CIRCA:Introductions_to_Project_Management}{ introductions to project management} from shorter to longer ones. Microsoft, for example, has \href{}{A short course in project management} which is 5 pages long. 
	\item  Lisa Spiro has a "Getting Started in Digital Humanities" at \href{}{}
	\item has a number of podcasts on subjects like "Best Practice Principles Of Designing Your First Project" \href{}{}

\subsubsection{ Criticism of Management }
	\item  Hoopes, James. False Prophets: The Gurus Who Created Modern Management And Why Their Ideas Are Bad For Business Today. \href{}{}
	\item  Stewart, Matthew. The Management Myth. \href{}{} There is an excerpt with the same title from The Atlantic:  \href{}{} A review of his book by the same title is available at \href{}{\_atlarge\_lepore}
	\item  What Monty Python Taught Me About the Software Industry. \href{}{}
	\item  Critical Management Studies is a loose field of research that looks critically at management. See \href{}{}
	\item  Alvesson, M and Willmott, H (eds) (1992) Critical Management Studies. London: Sage. This collection introduced the subject. \href{}{\&prodTypes=any\&q=critical+management+studies\&fs=1}
	\item  Leher. "Groupthink: The brainstorming myth." \href{}{\_fact\_lehrer?currentPage=all}

\subsubsection{ History of Project Management }
	\item  A quick history of project management (from Microsoft). \href{}{}
	\item  History of Project Management site. \href{}{}
	\item  Wilson, James. "Gantt charts: A centenary appreciation." European Journal of Operational Research 149 (2003) 430???437. \href{}{\textasciitildegibson/Teaching/CSC7003/ReadingMaterial/Wilson03.pdf}

\subsubsection{ Historical Documents }
	\item  Brooks, Frederick. "No Silver Bullet" - \href{}{\textasciitildecah/G51ISS/Documents/NoSilverBullet.html}
	\item  Bush, Vannevar."As We May Think" - \href{}{}
	\item  Clark, Wallace. The Gantt Chart. \href{}{}
	\item  Follett, Mary Parker. "The Teacher-Student Relation." Administrative Science Quarterly, Vol. 15, No. 2 (Jun., 1970) \href{}{} An important early voice on leadership For the background on this paper see Eberly and Smith, "Preface to 'The Teacher-Student Relation.'" \href{}{}
	\item  Taylor, Frederick Winslow. Shop Management. \href{}{} Excerpts at \href{}{}
	\item  Taylor, Frederick Winslow. \textit{The Principles of Scientific Management} - At Gutenberg: \href{}{}
	\item  Wren, Bedeian, and Breeze. "The foundations of Henri Fayol???s administrative theory." \href{}{} Includes background on Fayol and excerpts.

\section{ Readings Related to Management }\hypertarget{Collaboration}{}

\subsubsection{ Collaboration }
	\item  Bill of Rights for Collaborators. \href{}{}

\subsubsection{ Meetings }
	\item  Bad meetings are your fault. \href{}{}
	\item  Meetings Bloody Meetings - Clip from John Cleese business video - \href{}{}

\subsubsection{ Methods }
	\item  Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikujiro Nonaka, "The new new product development game." \textit{Harvard Business Review}, January-February 1986. Pages 137 - 146. \href{}{\_detail.jhtml?id=86116}

\subsubsection{ Digital Humanities }
	\item \href{}{Arts and Bibliography} is a list of 196 books about digital humanities.
	\item  CUNY Digital Humanities Resource Guide - \href{}{\_CUNY\_Digital\_Humanities\_Resource\_Guide}

\subsubsection{ Books }
	\item  Albrecht and Brakos, \textit{On the Job: Design and the American Office} - At Amazon: \href{}{}
	\item  Deming, W. Edwards. \textit{Out of he Crisis}. \href{}{}
	\item  NASA, \textit{Recommended Approach to Software Development}, Revision 3, Document SEL-81-305, Greenbelt, Maryland: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA, 1992. \href{}{}

\subsubsection{ Web Sites }
	\item  Gambrell, Alice. "The Stolen Time Archive." \textit{Vectors} - \href{}{}
	\item  Processed World. A web site for a magazine for office workers - \href{}{}
	\item  What is the project management book that left the most impact on you? \href{}{}
	\item  Real Software Engineering. Glenn Vanderburg talking about software engineering - \href{}{}
	\item  Agile Manifesto - \href{}{}
	\item  Creating an online scholarly presence - \href{}{}
	\item  "The Question of Inclusion in the Digital Humanities" has a number of useful links - \href{}{}
	\item  Video Arts has a number of management training videos by John Cleese - \href{}{}
	\item  Desk Set is a movie with Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn on automation in the workplace from 1957 - \href{}{\_Set}

\subsubsection{ Course Outlines }
	\item  Alan Liu's DH Resources for his Introduction to DH - \href{}{\%20Resources\#view=page}

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