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LaTeX code for Publishers

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This is a list of publishers who specialize in the digital humanities:
	\item  Anthem Press: \textbf{Anthem Scholarhip in the Digital Age}: \href{}{}
	\item  Ashgate Press: \textbf{Digital Research in the Arts and Humanities}: \href{}{}
	\item \textbf{Oxford University Press}: OUP publishes Literary and Linguistic Computing and has published collections of digital humanities essays: \href{}{}
	\item  The \textbf{University of Michigan Digital Humanities Series}: \href{}{}
	\item  University of Illinois Press: \textbf{Topics in the Digital Humanities}: \href{}{\&search=tdh}
	\item \textbf{Blackwell Publishing} has published important collections like A Companion to Digital Humanities: \href{}{\_9781405103213}

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