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LaTeX code for Project Proposals

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\section{Project Proposals}\hypertarget{Outline_of_a_Project_Proposal}{}

\subsection{Outline of a Project Proposal}
	\item  Project title
	\item  Brief introduction or description of the project - no more than paragraph to help someone picking up the document. 
	\item  Objectives of the project - what do you think are the important objectives for the client. Prioritize them.
	\item  Description of project - detailed description of the project. This can take the form of a description of the completed work or a discussion of process (or Methodology.) It should help both sides understand what you will and won't do. It shows that you have understood their needs.
	\item  Methodology - where appropriate you can describe what methodology you will use in completing the project.
	\item  Outcomes - a list of the key outcomes for the client. You can also be specific about what will not be done or what will be left for a next phase of the project.
	\item  Timeline - when will the project stop and an estimate as to when it will end.
	\item  Resources needed - what resources might be needed other than the cost. What do you need from the client. This overlaps with the Expectations of the client.
	\item  Expectations of the client - what you need the client to do for this to be competed in a timely fashion.
	\item  Communications - how you will communicate with the client. 
	\item  Risks - what the risks are and what possible solutions.
	\item  Questions - questions raised by the project or questions that can only be answered during the project.
	\item  Cost estimate - the estimated cost of the project with discussion that breaks down the costs so as to explain them.

\subsection{Checklist for Project Proposal}

Check that you have the following in your proposal:
	\item  Client information - who is the client and contact information. Identify who you think the client is and the primary contact.
	\item  Your information - who are you and your contact information. Make it easy for them to contact you.
	\item  Page numbers - I'm not sure why, but everyone forgets page numbers when preparing things at the last moment.
	\item  Date of the proposal - when was it written and submitted.

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