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Features of Ukrainian Folklore Audio Project

What we need programming for:



  • Login and Password (secure)
  • Account Home (secure)
    • Word Processer
    • Audio Player
    • Inputs
  • Test Boxes (keywords)
  • Submit Buttons
    • Help with Transcription- to Administrators
    • Help with Translation- to Administrators
    • Help with Keywords- to Administrators
    • Questions- to Administrators
    • Report a Problem - to HuCo
    • Submit- to Administrators
    • Comments- to Administrators
    • Save – saves the translation/transcription
    • Print – prints the translation/transcription

Main Page

  • Searchable database

Audio Clip Page

  • Tables of Audio Clips
    • All information searchable
    • Playing audio in table
    • Submit Buttons
  • Sign Out – another page to confirm sign out
  • My Clips/Edit – takes them to their account if logged in or prompts them to log in if they are not.
  • Help with Playing Audio (a pop up)
  • Comments - to Administrators
  • Questions to the Editor - to Administrators
  • Report a Problem - to HuCo

Administration Pages

  • Audio Player
  • Word Processor
  • Put in Submit buttons (Edit Download)
  • Pages for the editors to take notes, monitor accounts and submissions, answer question, and maintain the audio files.
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