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Features of Ukrainian Folklore Audio Project

	\item \hyperlink{Programming_Guide}{1Programming Guide}
	\item \hyperlink{Login}{1.1Login}
	\item \hyperlink{Main_Page}{1.2Main Page}
	\item \hyperlink{Audio_Clip_Page}{1.3Audio Clip Page}
	\item \hyperlink{Administration_Pages}{1.4Administration Pages}
	\item \hyperlink{What_we_want_logged}{2What we want logged}

\subsection{Programming Guide}\hypertarget{Login}{}

	\item Login and Password (secure)
	\item Account Home (secure)
	\item Word Processer
	\item Audio Player
	\item Inputs
	\item Test Boxes (keywords)
	\item Submit Buttons
	\item Help with Transcription- to Administrators
	\item Help with Translation- to Administrators
	\item Help with Keywords- to Administrators
	\item Questions- to Administrators
	\item Report a Problem - to HuCo
	\item Submit- to Administrators
	\item Comments- to Administrators
	\item Save ??? saves the translation/transcription 
	\item Print ??? prints the translation/transcription

\subsubsection{Main Page}
	\item Searchable database

\subsubsection{Audio Clip Page}
	\item Tables of Audio Clips
	\item All information searchable
	\item Playing audio in table
	\item Submit Buttons 
	\item Sign Out ??? another page to confirm sign out
	\item My Clips/Edit ??? takes them to their account if logged in or prompts them to log in if they are not.
	\item Help with Playing Audio (a pop up)
	\item Comments - to Administrators
	\item Questions to the Editor - to Administrators
	\item Report a Problem - to HuCo

\subsubsection{Administration Pages}
	\item Audio Player
	\item Word Processor
	\item Put in Submit buttons (Edit Download)
	\item Pages for the editors to take notes, monitor accounts and submissions, answer question, and maintain the audio files.

\subsection{What we want logged}
	\item  The speed at which work is completed
	\item  Who does the most?
	\item  Long-tail effect
	\item  Who does the least?
	\item After checking out a clip how long does it take for them to finish?
	\item When do they check out a clip?
	\item  How many different clips are signed out?
	\item  What are the most popular audio clips?
	\item  What are the least popular?
	\item  How often do they edit an item?
	\item Discussions on the forum
	\item  Suggestions, Quesitons, and Comments that they send us.

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