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LaTeX code for Potential Speakers

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	\item \hyperlink{Projects_in_Action.21}{1Projects in Action!}
	\item \hyperlink{Available_Resources:_Library_and_Media_Centers}{2Available Resources: Library and Media Centers}
	\item \hyperlink{Broadening_the_Scope_of_Digitization}{3Broadening the Scope of Digitization}
	\item \hyperlink{Legal.2C_Technical.2C_and_Ethical_Questions}{4Legal, Technical, and Ethical Questions}
	\item \hyperlink{Other}{5Other}

\subsection{Projects in Action!}
	\item  Geoffrey Rockwell (CIRCA)
	\item Susan Brown or Janice (Orlando)
	\item Paul Hjartarson (EMIC: Editing Modernism in Canada)
	\item Susan Brown (CWRC: Canadian Research Writing Collaboratory and use of ORCA ??? Online        Research Canada ??? database)

\subsection{Available Resources: Library and Media Centers}
	\item Leah Vanderjagt ??? Digital Repositories Librarian (ERA: Education and Research Archive)
	\item Raymond Frogner ??? University of Alberta Archives and BARD (Book and Records Depository)
	\item         Andriko Lozowy ??? (IRS: Intermedia Research Studio)
	\item Denise Thornton and Christ Want -- AICT: Academic Information \& Communication Technologies and Digital Media Resources (printers, scanners, Digital Resource Center, Scientific Visualization Reference )

\subsection{Broadening the Scope of Digitization}
	\item Music: Michael Frishkopf (MuDoc: Music/Multimedia Documentation) ??? social network theory and digital multimedia technology
	\item Linguistics: John Newman and ICE (The International Corpus of English), and Sally Rice or Benjamin V. Tucker (Tsuut'ina Gunaha Project) dealing with language and culture preservation
	\item Art and Comparative Literature: Patricia Demurs (Book art)
	\item Computer Sciences and Corporate Financial Saving ??? Virtualized Reality and Virtual Prototyping: Pierre Boulanger
	\item History: Peter Baskerville (CCRI: Canadian Century Research Infrastructure) ??? manuscript census material open to the public

\subsection{Legal, Technical, and Ethical Questions}
	\item Eugenics (Living Archives Project) - Natasha Naan?
	\item Eleni Stroulia (SSRG: Service Systems Research Group - focuses on the technical and socioeconomic concerns around building software systems for the purpose of service delivery.
	\item Cultural Anthropology: Chris Fletcher (Digital Storytelling and ethics)
	\item Native Studies: Frank Tough: Aboriginal treaties and archival research, digitizing historical documents, and training undergrads in applied research
	\item David Miall on reading practices
	\item English and Film Studies (Canadian Aboriginal context): Keavy Martin (Thrasher Project and Community Return)

	\item Stephen Reimer (The Canon of John Lydgate Project)
	\item Dell Hymes (Ethnopoetics Movement)

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