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LaTeX code for Planning

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Planning is the planning of the project. 

\textbf{Planning}: Planning takes what developers and researchers have established in previous sections and brings them together to create a project plan. A project plan is important to knowing who will contribute what at what time, how the project team will finish their project, and contingency planning for setbacks.

After going through previous sections, you should have an idea of who has a stake in the project, what is required of the project, and what are the necessary resources. However, before actually building the game it is necessary to come up with a project plan for how you will proceed.
	\item 4.1 Is there a project plan? Does it include the level of detail needed? 
	\item 4.2 Is there a method for tracking progress regularly?
	\item 4.3 How will the plan be adapted if you fall behind or lose resources?

\textbf{\href{/index.php/CIRCA:Assessment_Tools}{ Recommended Methods}}:
	\item Charters
	\item Developmental Evaluation
	\item Rational planning model: While considering possible issues to account for, you may be able to think of many but need a focused method of matching these problems with solutions. RPM is useful for identifying and solving possible problems, as it follows an orderly path from problem identification through solution.
	\item Journaling

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