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Who is using this program? Members of the Ukrainian community here in Edmonton.


The Ukrainian Folklore Audio Project’s website must be focused on the usability for the volunteers. The volunteers are members of the Edmonton Ukrainian community who will check out clips of folklore to translate them. This will be an example of scholarly “group-sourcing.”

Primary User: Nadia

Nadia is a 37-year-old woman who has pursued a career in law. She lives downtown, in a two-bedroom apartment that overlooks the North Saskatchewan River. Her parents, who are Ukrainian immigrants, have instilled in Nadia a deep respect for their homeland. She wants to connect with the Ukraine and found out about this project. She speaks Ukrainian fluently, but cannot write it very well. Natalie Kononenko approached her to work on this project through her mother who contributed to the audio. Nadia checks out three clips that reminded her of her childhood, a lullaby, and two legends (“The little Ox” and “Tom-thumb”). She will listen, translate and transcribe them. This project will bring her closer to the country that her parents were born in.

Usage Scenario 1: • Nadia goes to Google and types in “Ukrainian Folklore Audio Project U of A.” • The website comes up. • She goes to New User and Registers with an email and password. • After confirmation by email from us, she logs on. • At the Home page, she goes to the category section and enters in magic tales. • Finding two stories that she remembers she clicks on them. • That leads her to the audio page. • On the audio page, there is a brief metadata blurb about the storyteller, and when and where the recording was taken. She presses play and the tale begins. • Nadia bookmarks the website, and notes the audio recordings that she wants to transcribe.

Usage Scenario 2: • Nadia goes to the website through her bookmarked page. • She logs in. • Typing in the title of a story she wants in the search engine. • The audio clip and other similar clips come up; she clicks on the one that she wants. • Pressing play, she starts to listen. • After missing parts of the second sentence, she moves the time-traveler back and begins to listen again. • Nadia writes the translation on her registered user page, which allows her to record and save the transcription under her name on her account page.

Usage Scenario 3: • Nadia has been working on the translations and the transcriptions for about two month now and she has finished “The little Ox,” she wants to submit it. • She goes in to her account and clicks on the link to her transcription of that clip. • There are various options where she records the information, including Save, Submit, edit, download, etc. • After her final review of the transcription, she submits the work.

Primary User: Elena

Elena is 84-years-old, she and her parents left the Ukraine when Elena was 9. She has had 5 children and 11 grandchildren. Sadly, Elena lost her husband three years prior (he was an Ukrainian immigrant as well). Now she lives with her youngest child and his family in Callingwood North. She does not know how to work the Internet, but her youngest child can help her after work sometimes. She learned about the project from Natalie. They met through Ukrainian community activities. Her grandchildren have never visited the country of her birth, and Elena wants to introduce them to the culture and thought that her translation of the audio would be perfect. She focuses on the stories her mama told her, like “The flowering fern.”

Usage Scenario 1: • Her son helps her set up an account on the webpage. • Later they go through the various categories and subcategories, picking a few stories that Elena wants to listen to. • Her son goes through the process of showing Elena how to select the audio clip and bring it to where she can transcribe it. • Her son then goes through how to work the audio controller, how to play, rewind, stop, pause, adjust the volume and fast forward. He also shows her where on the page there are so helpful hints in both English and Ukrainian. • He then presses play on the first recording for his mother. • Elena listens to the story once, and then tentatively clicks on the play button again, and it starts over. • After she’s done listening, she located the log out button and clicks it.

Usage Scenario 2: • Elena’s son logs in and takes her to her saved clips page. • He sets her up to listen again. • Elena prefers to write the transcription down on paper instead of using the provided word presser. • The above steps repeat until Elena is finished. • When she’s done with the transcription, her son scans her writings and uploads them to her account. • She/He presses submit.

Primary User: Jason

Jason is a 24-year-old Grad student, studying for his Masters in Modern Languages and Cultural Studies, focusing on Slavic Languages. He lives along Whyte Ave with two roommates. Natalie Kononenko brought up the idea of volunteering to Jason because this project may interest with his thesis. He is excited to test out the website. Jason concentrates on the recordings of weddings for his thesis, “Love and Tradition: Men and the Ceremony.”

Usage Scenario 1: • Jason types in the URL address to go to the web page. • He registers as a user, and sets up his account home. • He goes to the Weddings category, and looks at the sub categories. • He picks out the most relevant for his thesis for his first review of the recordings from the metadata. • He listens to five clips, finds only two applicable, and so goes back to the page with wedding stories and selects a few more. This process continues until he has found five helpful clips. • He makes notes of his findings, bookmarks the URL, saves the entries found to his account, and logs off.

Usage Scenario 2: • Jason logs on. • He goes to his account and selects a recording that he wants to start with and clicks it open. • That takes him to where the audio is played. • He begins to listen and take notes on the word processor that the Ukrainian Folklore Audio Project provides.

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