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This page is about the archival project embarked upon by Penguin Book Publication.

\textbf{\href{}{Penguin Archive Project}}

This is an ongoing archival project with a view to develop an online catalogue of Penguin collection from its establishment in 1935 through to the 1980s. Current deposits of Penguin publications will also be included in the archive when completed.

The archive project was initiated in 2008 and will be completed by 2012. It is funded by \href{}{Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC)} under the auspices of University of Bristol, United Kingdom. The Penguin Archive Project is currently focusing on three main areas of research:

\href{}{Penguin Classics in translation}

\href{}{Penguin \& modern poetry}

\href{}{Penguin Specials}

You can go through Penguin Archive Project through this link \href{}{Penguin Archive Project}

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